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The contributions of Mr.Gurcharan Singh and his Son Mr. Manpreet Singh have supplemented the much-needed support to take the company to today's position. Now a days HMG High Tech Tyre Machinary & Consultancy is a well known name in the Auto & Cycle Tyre Machinary with its quality products High Fi Calendar Machine, Internal Mixer Machine, Bagomatic Press, Extruder, Strainery, Tube Jointing Butt Splicer, Automatic Tube Conveyor Line, Bais Cutter, Hydraulic Press, Mixing Mill, TCU, Tyre Building Machine, Batch off Unit, Wheel Indarace Machine, Bladder Press, Tyre Packing Machine, Kneder Machine, Tyre Caring Press.

The company is marketing all its products under its popular brand HMG. The Company is having its business through out the world. The Company is also serving the highly reputed exporters and suppliers .The company is not only having its products in the local market but also exporting to various developing and advanced countries.

The Company is achieving new heights under the dynamic leadership of all team of HMG High Tech Tyre Machinary & Consultancy. This is only because their understanding and in-depth experience in the technology of Auto & Cycle Tyre Machinary and others that today HMG, High Tech Tyre Machinary & Consultancy stands for Quality Perfection Precision and durability, Its brand name HMG have become synonymous to perfection not only in the local Indian markets but as well as in the abroad.
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