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LCY- 1A Transverse Cord tire first stage builder

LCY- 1A Transverse Cord tire first stage builder

The machine is suitable for the first stage of two time method for tire building, the nominal sizes of the tire beads are 12-16 inches, for producing the tubeless transverse cord riding tire casing and tire cylinder, it can be used in set with the second stage builder of LCZ-2D transverse cord tire designed and manufactures by our factory , and it makes to get u the optimum effect.
  • The high efficient, uniform and automatic building straight shank type rear rolls and the elastomer lower rells are provided.
  • The electrical controlling systems adopted with Siemens PLC programmable controller.
  • The turn up type rubber up bag is adopted with the double pressure control and the high precision time control, and the auxiliary push disk opposite turn.
  • The action signal capture is adopted with the magnetic switch, the pilse signal controller, and the photo switch.
  • The high precision mechanical positioning and the wire bead core disk, and the carcass finger type positive turner are provided. 
  • The pneumatic parts are used fest make or according to users.
  • The main motor is used with invertor speed regulator.
  • The half type building drums are adopted.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Buiding tyre specification range in 12-16 11. Tire bread wrapper width (max) mm 150
2. Building drum rotational speed rpm 0-200 14. Controlling electric source   200V, 05Hz
3. Carcass plies (Sealing gel) width mm 280-750 18. Building efficiency sec / tire 90-120
4. Building drum diameter mm 330-460 12. Size of square shaft for supplying wrapper.  mm 35 x 35
5. Building drum rotational speed rpm 0-200 14. Controlling electric source   200V, 05Hz
6. Tire side gel width (max) mm 300 19. Gross weight ton 10
7. Lower rolls rolling range (max) mm 550 17. Outer dimension of machine mm  6050x5650
8.Tail frame tire removing stroke (max) mm 700 16. compressed air Mpa 0.6 - 0.8
9. Building drum width mm 240-500      
10. Main motor power kw 3 15.Power source   440, 50Hz


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